Rugby October

October is here for rugby lovers in Kenya. The Chairman of the National Rugby union made announcements of the official dates for the famous Safari 7s International tournament. 

The tournament will run from the 14th yo the 16th of October at the RFUEA Grounds along Ngong' road.

The Safari 7s is an annual rugby sevens tournament held in Nairobi, Kenya and has over the years seen international sides take to the field alongside amateur clubs, university sides and invitational teams. It usually marks the end of the national sevens rugby season and the commencement of the fifteen-aside version. It offers an action packed weekend to rugby lovers in the region.

Across the fence from the RFUEA, is the Impala Club, which plays host to the other major rugby event in the Month of October, The Impala Floodlit Tournament. It is hosted by nine-time Kenya cup winners, Impala RFC, who have confirmed the three-weekend long knockout tournament will kick off on the 29th of October and finals played on the 12th of November 2022. Local Rugby teams take part in the main cup, the University category and Schools edition of the floodlit tournament. 

This marks the commencement of the 2022/23 15s Season with the National leagues set to commence in November with the KRU Nationwide and KRU Championship on the 26th of November. 

For rugby fans, this month has all the makings of a great month and is waited upon with anticipation and excitement. 

The tickets for both events are available online at for Safari 7s and at for Floodies.



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