You must have seen or at some point wanted to experiment with shipping containers in house construction. Here are five things you need to take into consideration when you want to go into shipping container house construction work.

1. Make a point of seeing the shipping container you intend to purchase inorder to avoid being sold defective or rusty containers that will be costly to restore to proper working conditions. 

2. Cheap is not always better, spend alittle more on the shipping container. A shipping container that's in good condition allows you to get work done on it quicker saving you time and money you'd have probably lost if you went in for a much cheaper and defective container.

3. Get Proper Planning Permits and this you'll get by reading and researching on shipping container construction. This type of construction is like ordinary house construction and will need a plan that has been signed by an architect in that same field and most importantly is to make sure you notify all relevant authorities about the project and paid the related levies and fees.

4. Get a professional builder in this field. Finding the best person for the job is crucial in how the project will manifest. Compare between the people you find and go through their previous projects as it will go a long way in helping you decide on whom you settle on to deliver your project.

5. Minimise the amount and level of reinforcement and welding you need to do by having a good plan incase you have plans to expand and seek out assistance and this will guarantee you success in your projects. 


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