The choice of sleepwear is primarily a personal decision with regard to the climate, your body temperature, your personal comfort and preferences. For you to get optimal sleep, you need to keep your body at the right temperature in a comfortable environment. 

Here are some of the reasons you need to select proper sleepwear inorder to get a good night's sleep.

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1. Comfortability

Choose sleepwear that feels right through a wide range of motion so you do not feel restricted while sleeping. 

2. Breathability 

Select sleepwear that is made from breathable fabric to avoid irritation, bacterial buildup, too much heat and overall discomfort while you sleep.

3. Body Temperature Regulation

A unique feature of good sleepwear, is in its ability to improve the quality of sleep by regulating body temperature. Whenever there are high temperatures at night, its imperative that your choice of sleepwear doesn't make you overheat and in discomfort hence your body cannot go into rebuild mode. Similarly, when its a cold night, your sleepwear should not expose your immune system making it to do double time hence denying your body the required rest. The best sleep wear is made in such a way as to help you get the desired rest that the body needs inorder to rebuild itself. 

4. Get you to sleep

The most important aspect of any sleepwear is that it should signal your body to get in sleepmode. The comfort, breathability and body temperature regulation inform your body that its time to get that refreshing sleep.

The perfect sleepwear should be as good and enjoyable to wear as the quality of sleep that they offer. They come with "strings attached".



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