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On October 19, 2022, Wednesday The presence of floating bodies from underwater cemeteries in Bayelsa State has alarmed locals.

This happens when floods wreak havoc all through most of Nigeria.

Since the flooding catastrophe started, the authorities has stated that over 603 humans have perished, two million human beings have been evacuated, and lots of hectares of farmland have been devastated.

Locals alerted authorities to the floating  bodies on Monday. They urged the government to act quickly to prevent a public health emergency.

Mr. Emmanuel Oden, a  resident, bemoaned the reality that floating our bodies had become a frequent incidence in the course of floods and said that it past time to relocate  the cemetery.

Oden similarly claimed that burials at the cemetery had been now and again just three ft deep, as against to the law’s mandated six feet.

Because the regional morgue used to be also swamped, bodies had been floating in the water.

The Commissioner, Iselema Gbaranbiri, answered to this incident with the aid of confirming that three floating corpses had been amassed and reburied with the surrounding location as it should be fumigated.

"In actuality, floating bodies were reported. The floating corpse was reported to me as commissioner for the environment, and I told my head of health and sanitation to arrange for the body’s burial. Later, two additional bodies were found and appropriately fumigated, and they were reburied.


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