How Do You Like Your Githeri?

Githeri is a common household meal enjoyed by a majority of families across Kenya. Its main ingredients are maize and beans. It is what most of us grew up eating as lunch and sometimes supper. It is the most consumed meal in primary and high school as the majority of schools offer it for lunch to their students.

Its nutritional value goes without saying as maize offers a carbohydrate component that provides energy to get through the day, while the beans offer a much-needed protein component responsible for muscle growth.

In addition, it is easy to prepare as the component ingredients are boiled together till soft. From this point, it's a matter of individual preference on how to 'dress' the meal. My own grandfather liked it boiled with a little salt to give it a taste. My siblings enjoy it fried with tomatoes, onions, capsicum, and some potatoes tossed in. 

However, for me, I enjoy my Githeri with avocado on the side. Here is how I prepare this sumptuous meal in under 30 minutes. 

These are the ingredients you need.

1. Get boiled Githeri from Mathe.

2. Chop a whole onion into fine box shapes.

3. chop a whole tomato into small box shapes.

4. Chop raw pepper into small circular pieces.

5. Crush a single vinegar pellet till fine.

 6. Get an Avocado, wash, and slice it into two. Chop it into small pieces after peeling.

It's now time to get frying. 

1. Get your pan, Add cooking oil, and let it heat up in medium heat.

2. Add your chopped onions and let them cook but not till golden.

3. Add the chopped tomatoes, pepper, and crushed vinegar.

4. Allow for the ingredients to cook till in paste form, then add salt.

5. Add your Githeri from Mathe and mix it together with the paste.

6. Add some water and allow to cook till it is heavy and ready to serve.

You can now serve while hot with your chopped avocado and enjoy greatness. It is best enjoyed with family and friends on a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. I was waiting for the avocado changer 🥑🥑

  2. I like my Githeri with Chapo


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