I Have Been Character Developed

In playwriting, character development refers to the process of coming up with a unique, three-dimensional character that has depth, personality, and clear motivations. Furthermore, Character development can also mean the changes an individual or character has gone through, throughout a story, resulting from their actions and experiences.

However, the latter definition is what comes close to what the phrase, Character Development, refers to along the busy streets of Nairobi, Kenya. It is much revered amongst the population of the city of cool waters. You'd often hear young men and women refer to it in their relationship stories. 'I got proper character development from them...' one would say as they narrate their ordeals, hence begs the question, what is Character Development?

I talked to several random strangers on the streets of Nairobi, and mark you the phrase elicited several meanings but all revolving around one topic, relationship trauma. 

A majority of people have been through heart-wrenching emotional damage from previous and current romantic and non-romantic relationships. Sandy, one of those I engaged, was 'character developed' by her previous partner whom she claimed had several partners on the side but denied the claims. Danson was 'character developed' by his employers whom he thought would give him a promotion based on his good performance only to be surprised later. Jamila was 'character developed' by her parents whom she thought would let her chase her dreams only for them to impose their will on her. Mhesh was 'character developed' by his political party as they shortchanged him during the party nominations yet he felt he had contributed immensely to the party.

Thus, it is imperative that 'character development, as they say, needs to be addressed, especially among the youth, as it has contributed immensely to how they relate. A 'character developed' person has trust issues and is always looking for tell-tale signs. This subsequently affects their relationships with one another as it is mostly superficial having nothing to it.

Have you been Character Developed? What's your story, and how are you coping afterward? Character development is a vicious cycle where everyone ends up getting hurt. 


  1. Mine was Character development pro max😂😂


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