Nameless and Wahu Respond to Pressure from Fans to Get a Son

The Mathenge's 

Musician Nameless had been receiving pressure online to get a baby boy something that didn't bother him much even when his wife Wahu welcomed a third baby girl two weeks ago.

In a recent post on Facebook, the mother of three responded to a fan who asked her if she had a dream of ever getting a baby. The fan who identified as Cecy Mas said;

"Congratulations. But do you still have a dream of getting a baby boy?"

Wahu said she is happy and content with her girls.

Last week, Nameless addressed another fan who told him to get a baby boy so he could have a great legacy as an African.


In one post, Nameless said he has realized that it is not about the gender of a child but about how the parent brings the child up by molding  the character that matters. A fan identified as Daphine member commented;

"Tafuta Kijana boss. Your legacy, we are Africans."

Responding to the comment, Nameless used the comment to encourage his fans not to just follow beliefs without questioning and looking for better ways of living together as people.

"Saa zingine tunjiangusha na traditions that are outdated. I understand that we have been taught to follow our culture or tradition without question."

"But the truth is we are suppose to use our wisdom to identify the parts of our culture that are unfair or unprogressive and let them go, as we adopt more progressive, fair and better ways of thinking and living ... Cultural evolution is where my leadership flourishes..."


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