I'm David, a 28 year old Langata Resident. I used to trick tax drivers because my house was close to the graveyard. Each time I book a cab I would put some white cotton into my nose when we reach the cemetery I would tell the tax driver to follow me in the graveyard so asto get his money, they would have no option than to run for their lives, this went on well for a long time until I booked myself into this Bold taxi driver by the name of Felix  

As usual as we approached the graveyard I took the white cotton from my pocket and stuffed theminto my nose, I started making some strange sound so as to scare him but the mambala paid no attention, we reached the graveyard I came out of the car screamed and shouted chanted danced all kinds of ghost moves the guy was just looking at me I sung all songs of ghost all hesaid was bamudala (sir) give me my money I want to go, 

I immediately knew that I was dealing with the devil himself, so I tried to scare him by telling him to follow me in the grave so that I can get him his money, to my surprise he followed me so I walked to one of the oldgrave and started knocking on the tombstone "odini odini, neighbour please can you give me a Ksh200 I want to pay this stubborn taxi driver" behold a strange vibration and a skeleton hand appeared from the opening tombstone holding Ksh200 of Ksh500 notes and shouted"this is the last one I got remember to bring it back wen join us tomorrow.........."

Fellas, up to date I don't remember who run faster than the other between me and the stubborn Felix the taxi driver as we all run screaming in different directions.....


  1. I think the stubborn taxi driver was faster


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