Our attitudes toward relationships were influenced in one way or another as children by the films and novels we watched and read. They still have the ability to shape our thinking even as adults even though we aren't aware of it.

In essence, entertainment isn't always just amusement as we sometimes assume. It may sound silly, but some individuals build their entire expectations for relationships on a fictional world created by what they observe on television.


You need to mature if you want the outcomes in your romantic life that you truly desire. Your unreasonable expectations may be a contributing factor in the failure of your relationships, and in this article, we'll discuss how to spot the warning signals that you've been searching for a type of love that doesn't exist.

Finding "the one" has become your obsession.

It's possible that you really do have that one individual in the entire universe who is made particularly for you. However, this notion is frequently used to disqualify anyone who is not flawless, which implies that everyone is out, with the possible exception of the top 1% of people.

If this is you, you may need to alter your mindset because this chase frequently results in a lifelong life of loneliness and relationship hopping. It's likely that the ideal partner for you won't look like what you're seeing in your head.

You continue to view love as an emotion. Love is more than just a nice emotion, despite what many romantic comedies have taught us.

You won't go past the honeymoon stage if you desire someone who will make you feel butterflies all the time. Real love makes compromises, offers excuses, and, most importantly, makes choices independent of changing emotions.


Consider your definition of love; if it simply includes feelings of elation, you are not being realistic. You have a few of objectives.

Goals for relationships are built on an impossible standard. Many of the most well-known 'it' couples, such Bill and Melinda Gates and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, have split up, and yet we still find ourselves comparing our relationships to those of other, stranger couples. No matter how many gorgeous pictures a couple posts online, every relationship experiences ups and downs. If you have a tendency to overwork yours, you need to keep this in mind.

You frequently look for relationship guidance online.

On the internet, we may find guidance on just about every topic. Unfortunately, much of it is terrible advice, and you risk damaging a relationship that had promise.

Consult an older, wiser, happily married, or long-term committed person if you need to hear true advise. They will know you well enough to tell you the truth and point out your shortcomings. This is preferable to constantly bombarding your head with unfounded advice from unrelated people..

You believe you are a great catch.

Being assured of the value you contribute to a partnership is a positive thing. However, it's simple to veer towards egotistical thinking, especially when you're dishonest about your shortcomings.

Therefore, it's a sign if you think you have nothing to improve upon or that every time you break up, it's your ex's loss.


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