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Amin Mohamed Ibrahim ,The new Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) bosswas on Wednesday nineteenth October sworn in by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Amin Mohamed stated that he was geared up for the assignment ahead. And promised to raise out his mandate without prejudice.

Amin said that he would like to be without problems handy to individuals who may want his assistance. As a result, he shared his telephone digits  with Kenyans.

“I will always be available and for purposes of records, I would like to give out my number which is, 0722415419, so that any member of the public or any other person who feels like reaching out to me can easily do so,” he said.

“I promise the Kenyan people that as the DCI, I’m going to discharge my duties and responsibilities professionally, with utmost integrity and respect. As a service, we shall make sure that we adhere to our constitutional standards and fundamental freedoms. We shall ensure and endeavor to make sure Kenya will be a safe and secure country for all the people that live therein,” said Amin.

“We shall conduct our investigations professionally, expeditiously and see to it that we bring members of the public on board and see how we can bridge the gap and inspire confidence in the office of the DCI and my officers,” said Amin.


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