Governor Natembeya Chips in on the GMO Debate

 The newly elected Trans Nzoia County Boss needs no introduction. His Excellency, Governor George Natembeya served previously as the Rift Valley Regional Commissioner and is well known countrywide on his numerous achievements while in that post, and is thus why the people of Trans Nzoia bestowed on him the mandate to steer the County to better tidings. Trans Nzoia is considered the bread basket of the country producing food that is consumed nationally. Natembeya has thus felt it proper to air his opinions when it comes to the GMO debate that has rocked the nation in recent days.

He said this via his twitter handle:

"I wish to submit my contribution toward the ongoing discussion on Genetically modified Organisms (GMO)debate which has attracted the national attention.

To begin with, Kenya has no urgency or emergency of importing GMO food instead the government should ensure, timely empowerment of farmers especially in supplying of subsidised farm inputs to improve local produces.

Transnzoia County is Kenya's food basket however farmers from the region are not sufficiently catered for, therefore I implore the national government to control market price to curb fluctuation by exorbitant middlemen during bumper harvest.

Who inturn hoards the produces creating false impression and artificial shortage.

I call upon Agriculture Cabinet Secretary, Hon Mithika Lithuri to move with swift to stop any importation plan of GMO food instead utilise the existing produces.

Lastly, GMO food issue should be discussed exhaustively with relative stakeholders considering pros and cons of the importation to the health of innocent consumers. Globally GMO food is meant to increase animal feeds ,therefore proper policy and guideline should be put in place."

What are your opinions with regard to yhe legalisation of importation of GMO produce?


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