Kendra Cocksedge's Emotional Tribute

Rugby legend Kendra Cocksedge, who played for the Black Ferns and played her final match in last weekend's World Cup final, has written an emotional tribute to the game.

By earning the Kelvin R. Tremain Memorial Award at the New Zealand Rugby awards in 2018, Cocksedge became the first Black Fern to be named the best rugby player in New Zealand for that calendar year.

Cocksedge shared a powerful tribute to the sport on her Instagram this morning, where she thanked rugby for making “my dreams come true.”

“Dear Rugby, I can’t thank you enough for what you have given me over the last 30 years,

When I first met you I didn’t know what to do; I ran the wrong way, passed the ball forward, got my hair pulled, got told I couldn’t play with boys. But I persevered with you and I am so grateful for that.

You have taught me many life lessons, such as how to lead, how to work in a team, how to deal with pressure. You’ve taught me about passion, commitment and you have given me confidence on and off the field.

You have given me purpose for 30 out of my 34 years. The list could go on. However, the most valuable thing you have given me is the friendships and connections with people all around the world.

I have met some incredible people who now will be life long friends. I am going to feel lost without you, but in one way or another I know you’re still going (to) play a role in my life over the years ahead.

Rugby you made my dreams come true like never before and I hope that any young girl and boy can live the dream that you gave me. Thank you.”

It couldn't have ended better for Cocksedge, who became just the fourth female player in New Zealand rugby history to play 100 domestic games.

After defeating Auckland 41-14 in the Farah Palmer Cup final in Christchurch earlier this year, Canterbury took home the trophy. The seasoned New Zealand rugby player made her 100th and final appearance in that championship game, and she also scored a try.

After Cocksedge had announced her retirement in September, New Zealand Rugby CEO Mark Robinson spoke about the “legend of the game.”

“Kendra is a legend of the game. Her success is without peer, and it is testament to her work ethic to have such an enduring career in the black jersey, She is widely respect on and off the field as a fierce competitor and genuine leader in the women’s game." he said.


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