Manchester United on Sale

With the Americans seeking for additional investment, Manchester United supporters may finally get their desire and get rid of the Glazer family as owners. Throughout the Glazers' 17-year reign as United's owners, there have been various demonstrations against their administration.

According to insiders, the family may finally be considering selling the club. A statement from them is reportedly on the horizon. According to the statement, the owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are prepared to reveal their intentions to seek "outside investment into the team." This might entail them launching a "auction" to purchase the club outright, which would allow them to profit immensely from their 2005 buyout.

The process of a partial or complete sale of United or a third party investment has already been delegated to their investment bankers. The American takeover was the major point of contention when Malcolm Glazer, who was leading at the time and passed away in 2014, left his sons in charge of the club. The Glazer family borrowed a large portion of the £790 million needed to purchase United against the club, with the interest on the debt rising annually. They have also come under fire for failing to support the club financially over the years, with the club generating all of its own revenue.

Additionally, they have kept taking more money from the earnings to fill their own pockets rather than making investments to improve conditions on or off the field. Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, the team has been stagnant and hasn't even gone close to adding to their 13 Premier League titles.

In a recent interview, Cristiano Ronaldo sharply criticized numerous facets of the team, including the club's owners and the stadium's underdeveloped training facilities. When United's Carrington training facility, which replaced "The Cliff," opened in 2000, it was seen as being miles ahead of most of their competitors' setups at the time. Although a medical center and a department of sports science were opened in 2013 and more components were added to the site, little has changed since then.

Similarly, Old Trafford has fallen behind, many of United's top competitors have moved to new, more contemporary stadiums, including Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur. The Glazers allegedly recognize the need to make improvements to the stadium, which is the biggest in English football outside of Wembley, and one outcome of the potential sale is a partial sell to obtain the necessary finances.

If they decide to sell, United would probably bring in much more money for the family than Todd Boehly's consortium paid $2.5 billion to buy Chelsea earlier this year. According to reports, Liverpool's American owners are also willing to sell the Premier League powerhouses, which would likely elicit extremely high bids.


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