McGrath's Explanations for Dismal Shujaa Perfomance

Fans are still scratching their heads over the Kenyan men's rugby sevens national team's dismal showing in the Hong Kong sevens. Many viewers are left wondering: What led to the bad performance? Shujaa's McGrath, the head coach, has received a lot of the blame from them.


Kenyans are searching for a solution while the camp is beset by financial uncertainty. The national team coach reportedly hasn't received pay for the last two months. One of the top Swahili-language newspapers in the nation claims this.

The journal went on to say that even the players are dealing with the same problem in a story that was published earlier this week. Both the contracts and compensation have not yet been signed by the players. Damian, who the article mentions, claims that since the World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa, in September 2022, "the silver drought" has swept through the camp.


However, McGrath has publicly apologized for his young men's dismal showing in the World Rugby Sevens tournament. He later continued, "My young men won't be able to play well." The cause was due to external circumstances that affected them.

McGrath also laments a number of other issues besides pay. They include the absence of practice equipment, player contracts, and technical bench pay prior to the team's trip.


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