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Former Health CS Mutahi Kagwe led the nation's fight against COVID-19, and as a result of his tremendous effort thus far, Kenyans are now enjoying the benefits of his labor.

In one of his regular briefings, CS Kagwe made the point that his son was under the mandated quarantine to assist Kenyans understand the need of protecting one another.

"I have a kid and a niece in mandatory quarantine, that I can tell you personally," he stated.

Kahu Mburu Mutahi, also known as Kahush, is a hip-hop rapper and one of the four kids of former CS Kagwe.

He recently released his song "Mi Siwezi," which became a local radio hit and was played by several of the best DJs in Leicester, England, where he studies information technology.

DJ John Rabar of Homeboyz Radio praised the rapper and urged him to keep up the flow.

"His sound matches our ethos because Homeboyz's main goal is to promote Hip Hop. The vocal combination and production are two things he did effectively. His writing is lucid and simple to understand. It can be because he is producing overseas. But he also needs to put in more effort to keep the momentum going," DJ John remarked.

Kahush created an IT system while she was a student of IT. While still an IT student, Kahush developed the Light and Motion Sensor System, a crowdsourcing website. As individuals frequently forget to turn off their lights, this system can detect motion and adjust the illumination in rooms based on the detected movement.

Whether or not there are people home, his automatic system manages how much energy is used to light the various rooms throughout the house. The device also illuminates a room when someone enters and shuts it off as soon as they leave.

Kahush emphasized the advantages of his creation for the young, the old, and those who are physically challenged. This would be helpful when a person is in a room working actively since they could shift a leg and the device would react right away. This strategy would be advantageous for those who may need to use specific spaces, such as the physically challenged, the elderly, and young children.


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