Paul Odera Explains Simbas Loss to Usa in RWC Qualifiers

After a lackluster showing in Dubai over the weekend, Simba's ambition for spectacular performances endures as they prepare to take on Portugal and Hong Kong. This is in response to the 15-man team's defeat by the USA in the World Cup repechage Tournament. Head coach Paul Odera says there is still hope for the national squad.

Paul Odera, the team's head coach, admits that their lack of preparation contributed to their 68-14 loss on Sunday. After playing against Namibia in the Africa Cup final in July, the team's boss alleged that they were rusty.

The tactician claims that over the past two months the USA played more than two build-up games as compared to his charges.

“We have done a disservice to the guys. This was clear against the US because it had been three months since our last game. The players deserve credit for not giving up until the very end; we performed well," said Simba's headcoach.

The Kenya Rugby Union has made the decision to send the team to South Africa for a training camp before the repechage. A shortage of funds, however, made the project impractical to carry out. Sh30 million was required for the national team's high-performance training camp.



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