Paul Odera Quits as Simba's Head Coach

Following the Kenya Simbas' 22-18 defeat to Hong Kong in the final match of the 2023 Rugby World Cup Repechage in Dubai, Paul Odera announced his resignation as the team's head coach.

The performance in Dubai, which most have attributed to off-field problems rather than on-field ones, came after a difficult few months for Odera as the head coach of the national side. In his letter of resignation, Odera states that he accepts full responsibility for the team's failure to advance to the Rugby World Cup in 2023.

“Sadly, we have failed to qualify for the World Cup and I take accountability for the on field results. However, a national team’s results have more than one measurable besides the head coach. There are others who are also accountable and responsible for a sustainable financial strategy, building a high performance environment, arranging competitive fixtures and creating a pathway for players from the grassroots to the Simbas,” the tactician pointed out in his resignation statement.

The tactician goes on to state; “I cannot say whether my leadership or coaching of The Simbas has been good or bad. This judgment I leave to the players I coached, my coaching staff and those who have been intimately involved with the team, However, what I do know is that I gave everything to serve the country. I looked into the future and came up with a vision to qualify for the Rugby World Cup in France in 2023,” the coach added.

For the past three years, Odera has watched over the Simbas, but things have not always gone smoothly. At one time, the Union claimed he had resigned, but he disputed the claim, leading to a law suit where the Union was forced to concede that he could keep his job as head coach.

After losing to Namibia in the Africa Cup final, the Simbas were forced to participate in the four-nation repechage competition, where they lost all three of their games, and were unable to go to the World Cup.


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