Simbas on the end of Heavy Defeat to Portugal

Image Courtesy of KRU

The Kenya Simbas' hopes of representing Kenya at the prestigious Rugby World Cup will have to wait a little while longer as they dropped their second straight match after losing to Portugal in the ongoing Final Qualification Tournament (The Repechage), which is currently taking place in Dubai.


Kenya failed to score any tries past the on-fire opponents in the game played at the Sevens Stadium on Saturday, and Portugal's astounding thirteen tries served as a stark reminder of the difference in class between the two teams.

The Paul Odera-coached team needed at least a win in order to maintain the slimmest chance of qualifying for the 2023 Rugby World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in France, after suffering an almost identical defeat in their first match against the USA where they lost 68-14.


That, however, remained a pipe dream as the Portuguese proved to be too strong to handle, outclassing the Kenyan youngsters in every aspect of the game with their flawless blend of destructive offensive play and organized defensive play that kept out any threats that came their way.

With Portugal on 10 points, Kenya was mathematically unable to close the point gap, staying anchored at the bottom of the table with zero points after two games. As a result, Kenya lost the one ticket available to France in 2023 with just one game left to play.



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