Takeoff's Farewell Memorial

Migos Member, Takeoff

On November 11, a memorial service for rapper Takeoff of the Migos will be conducted at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

The ceremony is expected to mimic the rapper's career by drawing large crowds to the State Farm Arena, which has a capacity of more than 20,000.


Reverend Jesse Curney III, a devoted prayer partner of Takeoff's family, will preside over the funeral service.

"I am doing a eulogy, it is at State Farm, and New Mercies choir will be singing,” said Rev Curney during an interview.

Takeoff was always devoted to his faith, according to Rev. Curney, who expressed his sadness over his passing.

"I was deeply saddened to hear the news," said Rev. Curney in a statement. "Kirsnick was a dedicated member since he was ten years old. He and his family were active and passionate supporters of the church and the community at large."

Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer, will also take the stage at the next event.

Although Justin and Takeoff never collaborated on a song together, they had previously worked on the songs "Looking for You" and "What You See" with the "Migos band."

On November 5 in Atlanta, a candle-lighting ceremony was held by Takeoff's family and friends.

A 20-second clip from the memorial that appeared online showed the mourners yelling his name before sending balloons into the sky that spelt out his stage name, "TakeOff."

At a private gathering in Houston on November 1, TakeOff was fatally wounded after getting caught in the crossfire.


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