Who is Elsa Majimbo?

The internet comedian, Elsa Majimbo, from Nairobi, was born on June 29, 2001. She frequently performs caustic monologues while munching on potato chips, reclining back on a pillow, and holding a tiny pair of sunglasses from the 1990s.

During the COVID-19 quarantine in early 2020, Majimbo became well-known for her humorous home-based quarantine recordings. She joined forces with the prestigious brand Valentino in February 2021. She had endorsements from MAC and Fenty by the end of that year.

Majimbo enjoys playing chess and has previously taken part in competitions. She hasn't started a professional chess career, though, and FIDE hasn't rated her. She competed in the U16 Girls' Kenya National Youth Chess Championship Finals in 2017 and finished fourth. She also took part in school chess competitions, such as the 2017 Alliance High Open Chess Tournament. There were 6 contestants in the women's division of the tournament. Together with four other female competitors, Elsa came in second place.


Majimbo made the claim to be a 15-time chess champion in a Netflix video clip that debuted in early 2021. She also appeared as the title character in the promotional poster for the Netflix TV series The Queen's Gambit, indicating that this was a public prank and meant to be humorous (or parodic).


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