So there is this lady I met in a club in Kimabu, we enjoyed the night and later I did what I did unfortunately....

So after like 1 month as we continued talking, the lady claimed she's seriously ill and like a gentleman, i saw it fit to send her some money to cushion the cost. We'd talk via video call at this stage, and every time I'd call, I'd see she's indeed in a hospital setting even sometimes seeing the doctor's white lab coat.

This went on for like 2 months. I decided I  should go pay her a visit in hospital since it appeared to be a serious illness that someone is hospitalised for two months. I prepared myself and set a date to head over to diaspora, Rongai. Mark you for the two months, I have been going an extra mile for my sick friend and paid her rent without fail.

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As I was about to get on the Rongai Nganyaz, I called the lady and inquired for the specific hospital she was admitted at so as to avoid looking lost when i get to diaspora. The call went unanswered but this wouldnt break my resolve to see her. I made my way to Rongai and on arrival she wasn't reachable on phone. 

I was extremely bored hence decide to head back home with disappointments from Kenya to Dubai. On arrival, the lost had been found, she called claiming her phone was on silent mode and so she didn't know I had called.

This is when it hit me, As we video called often, I had failed to notice the sufurias that were always present in the background. It came to me like a sucker punch, I have been paying rent for someone's wife.

Proper Character Development there, It wasn't easy to get over.


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