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What are Memes?

A meme is a cultural piece of media that is shared online, often with the intention of invoking certain emotions, such as being humorous. Memes are most often images or videos, but can be just text on its own or other forms of media as well. memes are spread rapidly by internet users, and most often with slight variation to suit a certain audience. In recent times, with smartphones becoming affordable and accessible, online content has become the main form of entertainment across generations. Memes have played a major role in entertaining the masses for close to a decade.  Meme lords/ Meme queens are the new entertainers especially via WhatsApp status, Instagram stories and Facebook stories. These individuals have been able to gather large masses by showcasing pieces of media, that is, pictures, videos and text that have been captioned to elicit humor from viewers. Richard Dawkins coined the word "meme" in his 1976 bestseller The Selfish Gene and is thus seen to b