Rugby Going Forward:The Fan Base

This weekend has set precedent of what National rugby should elicit. Rugby in its ethos is a community game and the community backing is what proppels global clubs and franchises to success. The link to the society is what determines whether at the very minimum, you have home advantage. 
Kabras Rugby Club played host to the Kenya Cup final in a sold-out thriller versus arch rivals KCB, after having an impressive run of wins with no defeats. Their home advantage is something to ride on and has been a strength of the club for a while now with clubs that have won in the forest countable on one hand. 

Kabras branded itself with the community of Kakamega town and the county and western region at large. It is the pride of the region. What sets them aside is the fact that the players are local boys who have come up in the region and are how playing at the highest level. This aside, Kabras is within the community, it is within touching distance of their home fans. This helps them when hosting home games as their fans are loud chanting their team to victory. 
The community plays a big role in aiding the clubs weather the financial turbulence that come with taking part in the league. 

Kabras fans in action

They participate in funding the club through various avenues such as match and season ticket purchases and merchandise purchases that go a long way in financing the club activities and meeting financial obligations. 
The most important role they play is supporting their club through thick and thin. They invest themselves physically, emotionally and financially to.the club and how it performs. It is thus the reason we need to take rugby back yo the community, let the community take part in the sport in an active role, this will spur growth of the sport at the grassroots and filter through nationally. 



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