How Shujaa can escape HSBC World Series Relegation.

image courtesy of Shujaa

With only two legs left in the 2023 HSBC World Sevens Series, Shujaa sit 13th on the log with 37 points. If things are to stay as they are, new regulations will see Shujaa take part in a relegation playoff tournament that will decide the last of the 12 core sides of the Series going forward.

Shujaa are 12points from 11th position and only 11 points behind 12 placed Spain. This is now a race against time to amerce points in the last two legs to guarantee survival.

The winner of any leg in the HSBC Series gets 22points with the runner up getting 19, 3rd place gets 17, 4th place gets 15, 5th place gets 12 points and 6th gets 10. For Shujaa to survive they will need to finish 5th or higher in the last two legs to guarantee them maximum points accumulated and thus escape the relegation zone.

With the pools for Toulouse leg announce after the completion of the Singapore set piece, It is down to the boys to put in the work and get themselves in main cup quarter finals in France next month. From there they will need to either proceed to the semis and finals or in the least, win the 5th place final at that stage. Anything lower will mean they will have to do it all in the last leg in London.

image courtesy of World Rugby 7s

With the minimum of a 5th place finish in Toulouse, Shujaa will need to replicate the same form in London and hope their counterparts in the relegation zone do not amerce as much points as they do. This will guarantee Shujaa an 11th or 12th place finish on the log with a minimum of 61 points.

image courtesy of World Rugby 7s

However, this will only be a solution for the short run, for the long haul, they will need serious investment in coaching and personnel training for our national team to be competitive and challenge for titles on the world stage as we ones were.


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