KRU Elections Done. What Do We Expect?

With the KRU Elections done and dusted, a new dawn sets on the Kenya Rugby Union under the stewardship of Sasha Mutai, who assumes the Chairmanship of the Kenya Rugby Union Board.
As the Rugby fraternity, we participated in the elections through our various club delegates who voted in the new team.

This is what we want from them.

It will be important to build on our national team and qualify for the RWC for both men and women teams. This has been an elusive dream for our nation but we can learn and craft our way to the worldwide setpiece event in 2027 having missed out on three world cups following heartbreaking losses to Madagascar 2014, Namibia 2018, and Namibia 2022.

We want our sport to go pro. This can only be achieved by bringing corporates on-board. If we invest in our facilities amd personnel, rugby will be the number one sport in Kenya. We have the capacity to achieve this.
Age grade rugby systems must be defined and proper coaching to be done to ensure that the talent that filters through the grades is top quality and it will only be a matter of time till we topple arch rivals Namibia as Africa 1.
We want a restructuring of the leagues to ensure that they are competitive at each stage. University sides should compete in a nationwide Varsity league with an all star team taking on the all star team of the Kenya Cup league.
We want ESS teams to have an age cap and have a national selection for the Kenya A side together with the varsity sides.
The Nationwide League should be the primary league, and from there selection into regional sides happen so as to take advantage of the enormous talent pools in the country with none going to waste.

On the refereeing of the leagues, let our match officials conduct themselves in a professional manner to enable the game grow and take the right direction. Refereeing summits should be held before and durjng the season to standardise refereeing in order to avoid cases of inconsistency in calls made during matches.

For the fans, the union should encourage fan turnout by having league fixtures available in good time for fans to know the various venues for matches and turn out to support our boys. Without the fans, rugby is as good as dead. Fan engagement fora should be a common sight with the aim of improving our game.

On the coaching of these sides that compete locally and internationally, we would want to see consensus on the style of play we are to adopt and counters to the same in order for us to move away from 'orodha' type of play.

I believe this is achievable as targets can be set in the short, medium, and long terms to see us celebrate our heritage on the national stage. Rugby can be the tool that makes our country great, that united its people and that attracts investment into the country. It is not a dream, we can achieve this. Ones done we can dream of taking part in regular international tournaments and taking aim at tier one scalps. Baby steps and we will get there.

To the new board, your cut out for you. Pull up your sleeves and get to it. We have no time to waste in politics.


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