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The Nairobi West Hospital Starts Offering Bone Marrow Transplant Services

  Patients battling with blood disorders in Kenya will no longer be forced to travel out of the country for bone marrow transplants. This is after The Nairobi West Hospital started providing the services, with the first patient undergoing the procedure. It is the first hospital to provide the service. The 55-year-old patient, with multiple myeloma, underwent the procedure on the 10th of October, 2022, and is expected to be discharged in two days. According to hospital management, the procedure will cost between Sh2.5 million and Sh3.5 million, which is less as compared to traveling out of the country. "One thing we are mindful of is the cost. Currently, we are working on packages because every individual, every disease, and every condition is unique, but on average, we will keep the cost very low and manageable," said Prof Andrew Kanyi who is the Chief Medical Director at the hospital. "We are going to collaborate with insurance companies, and we are already in a