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Ruiru Building Collapses

In Kiambu County's Ruiru Town, a five-story structure has collapsed. On Sunday afternoon, cracks were noticed on the building's pillars, and hours later, more than 100 tenants had been evacuated. Following complaints of the risk from the National Construction Authority (NCA) and the Ruiru OCPD, the rescue efforts were spearheaded on Sunday by Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi and firefighters. “Tenants can no longer stay in this house because its columns- which are supposed to support it have cracked. It cannot stand for long. If not for the neighbouring house that is supporting it, it could already be down,”  Wamatangi said while leading the rescue operations on Sunday. Within a week, Kiambu has experienced two building collapses, including this one. In Ruaka, Kiambu County, another five-story structure collapsed on November 17. Two occupants were killed when a nearby house was struck by a falling building.   

Two Rivers Mall Launch Cinema Facility

  Image Courtesy of Two Rivers Mall On 100 acres of land with a mixed-use design, Two Rivers Development Limited (TRDL) offers high-end facilities including REL (Retail, Entertainment and Lifestyle facilities), contemporary office spaces, residential apartments, hotels, and public amenities; and is positioned as Africa's premier destination. With over 200 retailers offering both local and foreign experiences, Two Rivers Mall (Two Rivers Lifestyle Centre), the company's flagship product, is the largest shopping center in SSA (outside of SA) and has an area of over 67,000 square meters. Fan favorites including Nike, Burger King, Hardee's, Magic Planet, Spur, Swarovski, LC Waikiki, Platform, Ashley Furniture, Art Cafe, and the recently launched Cinemax theaters are among the stores that are anchored by the retail behemoth Carrefour. Visit soon for a Two Good To Be True experience! Finally, the wait is over! Two Rivers Movie Theatre boasts of having the largest screens in not o


Kenya’s troubles with the developing public debt had been introduced to mild after it failed to make repayments on the Chinese loans given for the building of the widespread gauge railway (SGR). According to Treasury papers acquired by way of Business Daily, Kenya was fined Sh1.312 billion with the aid of Chinese banks for mortgage defaults in the fiscal year that ended in June. To finance the constructing of the SGR from Mombasa to Naivasha, Kenya accessed more than 500 billion shillings from Chinese lenders, led by ability of the Export-Import Bank of China. Due to inadequate revenue from the passenger and cargo offerings provided on the track—which totaled Sh18.5 billion in the fiscal 12 months ending in June in opposition to income of Sh15 billion—taxpayers have been compelled to undergo the rate of the SGR loans. According to the disclosure records obtained by the Business Daily, “This (Sh1.312 billion) corresponds to the cost of default on interest at one percent of the due amoun


  You must have seen or at some point wanted to experiment with shipping containers in house construction. Here are five things you need to take into consideration when you want to go into shipping container house construction work. 1. Make a point of seeing the shipping container you intend to purchase inorder to avoid being sold defective or rusty containers that will be costly to restore to proper working conditions.  2. Cheap is not always better, spend alittle more on the shipping container. A shipping container that's in good condition allows you to get work done on it quicker saving you time and money you'd have probably lost if you went in for a much cheaper and defective container. 3. Get Proper Planning Permits and this you'll get by reading and researching on shipping container construction. This type of construction is like ordinary house construction and will need a plan that has been signed by an architect in that same field and most importantly is to make su