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  Photo 📸 from CitiMuzik We are all familiar with him from the potent gospel songs he occasionally releases, but do you know anything about his personal life, particularly his marriage to Esther Musila? On his program, Dr. Ofwenenke had Guardian Angel describe how they met and the evolution of their marriage. It was fascinating to observe. However, the musician has focused mostly on how meeting Esther Musila changed his life. In 2020, Maina Kageni, a mutual friend of theirs, introduced the pair. In a previous interview, Esther described how, while on her way to work one day, she heard Maina Kageni playing the guardian's song on Classic 105. Since Esther and Maina are close friends, Esther called him and asked him who had performed the song. Maina answered Guardian Angel. She looked him up on YouTube after having never heard of him before, and spent the entire day listening to his music. She described how she later urged Maina to put her in touch with Guardian because she thought h

Are Kenyans afraid of Marriage?

According to a recent study, the majority of Kenyan males are choosing to put off getting married and remain single until retirement. According to a research released on November 22, 2022 by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the proportion of Kenyan men who never married is increasing as they become older (KNBS). The number of men in the country who are aging without ever getting married is more than the number of spinsters, according to the report that provided insight into the 2019 Census. Additionally, during the past ten years, men's average age at marriage has gradually risen. For example, the average age of males getting married now is 29, compared to 25 in the 1980s, which shows that men are delaying lifetime commitment further. The average age of marriage for women in the nation has also gone up, from 21 years in the 1980s to 25 years now. The survey also demonstrates that, in comparison to their female counterparts, males rush for remarriage in the event of separati


Our attitudes toward relationships were influenced in one way or another as children by the films and novels we watched and read. They still have the ability to shape our thinking even as adults even though we aren't aware of it. In essence, entertainment isn't always just amusement as we sometimes assume. It may sound silly, but some individuals build their entire expectations for relationships on a fictional world created by what they observe on television. You need to mature if you want the outcomes in your romantic life that you truly desire. Your unreasonable expectations may be a contributing factor in the failure of your relationships, and in this article, we'll discuss how to spot the warning signals that you've been searching for a type of love that doesn't exist. Finding "the one" has become your obsession. It's possible that you really do have that one individual in the entire universe who is made particularly for you. However, this notion i