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  Former Citizen TV presenter Kimani Mbugua is out of Mathare Mental Hospital. Kimani had lately taken to Twitter to air his frustrations. He claimed that his mother and father had dumped him at Mathare sanatorium regardless of being discharged. His mother then again rubbished claims that they had deserted Mbugua. And even promised to select him up as she disclosed that he used to be struggling due to drug abuse.  In a post seen on his authentic Instagram page, Mbugua thanked his fans for their prayers. And additionally revealed that he was ultimately out of Mathare hospital. My mother got here to get me out of Mathare, I’m now residing with her at her domestic in Murang’a as I parent out my life. Wrote Mbugua.

I Have Been Character Developed

In playwriting, character development refers to the process of coming up with a unique, three-dimensional character that has depth, personality, and clear motivations. Furthermore, Character development can also mean the changes an individual or character has gone through, throughout a story, resulting from their actions and experiences. However, the latter definition is what comes close to what the phrase, Character Development, refers to along the busy streets of Nairobi, Kenya. It is much revered amongst the population of the city of cool waters. You'd often hear young men and women refer to it in their relationship stories. 'I got proper character development from them...' one would say as they narrate their ordeals, hence begs the question, what is Character Development? I talked to several random strangers on the streets of Nairobi, and mark you the phrase elicited several meanings but all revolving around one topic, relationship trauma.  A majority of people have be