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  Photo from  Google   Bongo Superstar Zuchu was dissatisfied yesterday when one of her American performances underperformed, with supposedly only 48 attendees. The event took place in Houston, Texas, in the USA. Later, Zuchu expressed her dissatisfaction on social media while also putting herself to the test. Every career has its difficulties, the singer said, and for her, this was one of them. She continued by saying that even well-known artists she admires, like her employer Diamond, faced obstacles along the way to stardom, but they accepted the challenge to put in more effort. Given that Zuchu is already well-known throughout Africa, it was unlikely that any of her performances would not be badly attended.


  Photo 📸 from CitiMuzik We are all familiar with him from the potent gospel songs he occasionally releases, but do you know anything about his personal life, particularly his marriage to Esther Musila? On his program, Dr. Ofwenenke had Guardian Angel describe how they met and the evolution of their marriage. It was fascinating to observe. However, the musician has focused mostly on how meeting Esther Musila changed his life. In 2020, Maina Kageni, a mutual friend of theirs, introduced the pair. In a previous interview, Esther described how, while on her way to work one day, she heard Maina Kageni playing the guardian's song on Classic 105. Since Esther and Maina are close friends, Esther called him and asked him who had performed the song. Maina answered Guardian Angel. She looked him up on YouTube after having never heard of him before, and spent the entire day listening to his music. She described how she later urged Maina to put her in touch with Guardian because she thought h

Nameless and Wahu Respond to Pressure from Fans to Get a Son

The Mathenge's  Musician Nameless had been receiving pressure online to get a baby boy something that didn't bother him much even when his wife Wahu welcomed a third baby girl two weeks ago. In a recent post on Facebook, the mother of three responded to a fan who asked her if she had a dream of ever getting a baby. The fan who identified as Cecy Mas said; "Congratulations. But do you still have a dream of getting a baby boy?" Wahu said she is happy and content with her girls. Last week, Nameless addressed another fan who told him to get a baby boy so he could have a great legacy as an African. In one post, Nameless said he has realized that it is not about the gender of a child but about how the parent brings the child up by molding  the character that matters. A fan identified as Daphine member commented; "Tafuta Kijana boss. Your legacy, we are Africans." Responding to the comment, Nameless used the comment to encourage his fans not to just follow beliefs

The Mathenge's welcome new born

The birth of their third born daughter has been announced by the musical duo Nameless and Wahu. On Tuesday, the couple announced the birth of their third child, who was given the name Shiru in honor of her oldest sister. Nameless, 46, posted an Instagram carousel with images of Wahu and Shiru in a hospital bed shortly after Shiru's birth, describing it as a memorable day for them. "My first earthly connection with my third born Daughter, Shiru, named after my eldest sister @rosemarymutunkei according to Kikuyu tradition," he said alongside a video of the event. She'll soon receive an African name as well. Wahu was OK and "eager to start this journey together," the "Coming Home" singer said in response to his fans' well wishes. Shiru joins Tumiso, the 16-year-old daughter of the power couple, and Nyakio, a 9-year-old. Close friends of the couple, including musician Bien-Aime Baraza of Sauti Sol and his partner Chiki Kuruka, attended Wahu's u