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  So there is this lady I met in a club in Kimabu, we enjoyed the night and later I did what I did unfortunately.... So after like 1 month as we continued talking, the lady claimed she's seriously ill and like a gentleman, i saw it fit to send her some money to cushion the cost. We'd talk via video call at this stage, and every time I'd call, I'd see she's indeed in a hospital setting even sometimes seeing the doctor's white lab coat. This went on for like 2 months. I decided I  should go pay her a visit in hospital since it appeared to be a serious illness that someone is hospitalised for two months. I prepared myself and set a date to head over to diaspora, Rongai. Mark you for the two months, I have been going an extra mile for my sick friend and paid her rent without fail. As I was about to get on the Rongai Nganyaz, I called the lady and inquired for the specific hospital she was admitted at so as to avoid looking lost when i get to diaspora. The call went

Equity appoint Samuel Kirubi as new Group Chief Operating Officer

Samuel Kirubi, a longtime managing director of Equity Bank Uganda, has been appointed by Equity Group as its Group Chief Operating Officer (GCOO). Prior to joining Equity Bank in 2001, Mr. Kirubi worked as Equity Bank South Sudan's chief operations officer from 2009 to 2001. Before being transferred to Equity Bank's Uganda subsidiary in the same role in 2015, he was first promoted to the post of funding managing director of Equity Bank South Sudan. Third-most profitable Equity subsidiary after Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he guided the subsidiary from being in the red to becoming the fifth-most profitable bank in Uganda (DRC). Anthony Kituka, the current Executive Director, has been named the new Managing Director of Equity Bank Uganda. The lender stated in a statement that Mr. Kirubi will be in charge of improving the bank's ability to carry out its strategy by coordinating people, systems, processes, commercial activity, and business risk with customers

Quiver Lounge Management Statement Following Viral Video of Priest Blessing the Premises

Image Courtesy of Quiver Lounge Allegations that the owners of the well-known city nightclub Quiver Lounge in Kenol, Murang'a County, invited a Catholic priest to dedicate the club have been refuted by the administration of the Quiver Lounge. General Manager Joseph Ng'ang'a of the lounge dismissed the allegations, saying that the men of cloth had come to the location to bless the mall as a whole rather than the establishment specifically. "Quiver Lounge happens to be one of the many businesses on which the new mall sits. The businesses there range from supermarkets to petrol stations, as you'd expect in any mall. Therefore, the mall owners, who also happen to be the proprietors of Nokras Hotels and Magunas supermarkets, simply sought the services of the Church in dedicating the mall to God. That's how Quiver Lounge was captured in viral videos while the priest did his thing. This was absolutely not a Quiver Lounge initiative, but that of the mall owners under w

Takeoff's Farewell Memorial

Migos Member, Takeoff On November 11, a memorial service for rapper Takeoff of the Migos will be conducted at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. The ceremony is expected to mimic the rapper's career by drawing large crowds to the State Farm Arena, which has a capacity of more than 20,000. Reverend Jesse Curney III, a devoted prayer partner of Takeoff's family, will preside over the funeral service. " I am doing a eulogy, it is at State Farm, and New Mercies choir will be singing ,” said Rev Curney during an interview. Takeoff was always devoted to his faith, according to Rev. Curney, who expressed his sadness over his passing. " I was deeply saddened to hear the new s," said Rev. Curney in a statement. " Kirsnick was a dedicated member since he was ten years old. He and his family were active and passionate supporters of the church and the community at large. " Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer, will also take the stage at the next event. Although Justin

Are Kenyans afraid of Marriage?

According to a recent study, the majority of Kenyan males are choosing to put off getting married and remain single until retirement. According to a research released on November 22, 2022 by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the proportion of Kenyan men who never married is increasing as they become older (KNBS). The number of men in the country who are aging without ever getting married is more than the number of spinsters, according to the report that provided insight into the 2019 Census. Additionally, during the past ten years, men's average age at marriage has gradually risen. For example, the average age of males getting married now is 29, compared to 25 in the 1980s, which shows that men are delaying lifetime commitment further. The average age of marriage for women in the nation has also gone up, from 21 years in the 1980s to 25 years now. The survey also demonstrates that, in comparison to their female counterparts, males rush for remarriage in the event of separati


Our attitudes toward relationships were influenced in one way or another as children by the films and novels we watched and read. They still have the ability to shape our thinking even as adults even though we aren't aware of it. In essence, entertainment isn't always just amusement as we sometimes assume. It may sound silly, but some individuals build their entire expectations for relationships on a fictional world created by what they observe on television. You need to mature if you want the outcomes in your romantic life that you truly desire. Your unreasonable expectations may be a contributing factor in the failure of your relationships, and in this article, we'll discuss how to spot the warning signals that you've been searching for a type of love that doesn't exist. Finding "the one" has become your obsession. It's possible that you really do have that one individual in the entire universe who is made particularly for you. However, this notion i

Nameless and Wahu Respond to Pressure from Fans to Get a Son

The Mathenge's  Musician Nameless had been receiving pressure online to get a baby boy something that didn't bother him much even when his wife Wahu welcomed a third baby girl two weeks ago. In a recent post on Facebook, the mother of three responded to a fan who asked her if she had a dream of ever getting a baby. The fan who identified as Cecy Mas said; "Congratulations. But do you still have a dream of getting a baby boy?" Wahu said she is happy and content with her girls. Last week, Nameless addressed another fan who told him to get a baby boy so he could have a great legacy as an African. In one post, Nameless said he has realized that it is not about the gender of a child but about how the parent brings the child up by molding  the character that matters. A fan identified as Daphine member commented; "Tafuta Kijana boss. Your legacy, we are Africans." Responding to the comment, Nameless used the comment to encourage his fans not to just follow beliefs

Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week is a week-long international celebration of the value of providing excellent customer service as well as the individuals who do it on a daily basis.  Numerous businesses ranging from top-tier enterprises in the fields of finance, health care, insurance, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, communications, nonprofits, and education among others across the globe commemorate Customer Service Week annually usually in the first week of the month of October. Customer Service week is more important than ever before owing to the nature of  Business to Customer interactions in recent times. For this reason, there are several ways that exist to mark this momentous occasion regardless of whether staff work onsite, or remotely. Organizations can have decorations made on their premises, have fun activities planned out for the week, offer essential workplace gifts, offer break time and snacks, and provide shopping vouchers and gift hampers just to mention but a few. During Custo

I Have Been Character Developed

In playwriting, character development refers to the process of coming up with a unique, three-dimensional character that has depth, personality, and clear motivations. Furthermore, Character development can also mean the changes an individual or character has gone through, throughout a story, resulting from their actions and experiences. However, the latter definition is what comes close to what the phrase, Character Development, refers to along the busy streets of Nairobi, Kenya. It is much revered amongst the population of the city of cool waters. You'd often hear young men and women refer to it in their relationship stories. 'I got proper character development from them...' one would say as they narrate their ordeals, hence begs the question, what is Character Development? I talked to several random strangers on the streets of Nairobi, and mark you the phrase elicited several meanings but all revolving around one topic, relationship trauma.  A majority of people have be