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Cab Drivers Announce a Looming Strike

Taxi drivers who use the digital ride-hailing services Uber and Bolt have called a strike that will begin the next week in protest of what they claim are excessive commission fees levied by the companies. According to the Organization of Online Drivers, beginning Monday, drivers will stop making reservations for passengers through the two applications. The National Transport and Safety Authority (Transport Network Companies, Owners, Drivers and Passengers) Regulations, 2022, which set a cap on the commissions the companies can charge at 18% per trip, were allegedly not implemented by Uber and Bolt, according to the drivers. Instead, Little Cab, Hava Cabs, and Yego Mobility will be used to make passenger reservations, according to their chairman Justin Nyaga. Charges for Bolt and Little Cab are correspondingly 20% and 15%. While Uber reduced the commission, according to Mr. Nyaga, it violated the rules by raising its booking fee from 4% to 11% each trip, effectively negating any benefit


Credit: Afrika lyrics Former Health CS Mutahi Kagwe led the nation's fight against COVID-19, and as a result of his tremendous effort thus far, Kenyans are now enjoying the benefits of his labor. In one of his regular briefings, CS Kagwe made the point that his son was under the mandated quarantine to assist Kenyans understand the need of protecting one another. "I have a kid and a niece in mandatory quarantine, that I can tell you personally," he stated. Kahu Mburu Mutahi, also known as Kahush, is a hip-hop rapper and one of the four kids of former CS Kagwe. He recently released his song "Mi Siwezi," which became a local radio hit and was played by several of the best DJs in Leicester, England, where he studies information technology. DJ John Rabar of Homeboyz Radio praised the rapper and urged him to keep up the flow. "His sound matches our ethos because Homeboyz's main goal is to promote Hip Hop. The vocal combination and production are two things h

Is Time Travel Real?

People on Facebook have noticed a peculiar-looking man in a black-and-white 1940s photo where he seems to be using a gadget that is way too modern for the time period. According to the Sun, the mystery begins in Reykjavk, Iceland, in 1943, when the strange individual is observed around American soldiers who have been stationed during World War II. But this individual is not dressed in army fatigues. He sticks out instead because he is wearing a light-colored trench coat and is placing his hand close to his ear like a current cellphone user. It didn't take long for people on social media to weigh in and declare that the man must be a time traveler. The photo — first posted on the Icelandic Facebook group Gamlar ljósmyndir by user Kristjan Hoffmann in 2016 — was captioned: “One thing that draws attention to this  beautiful picture is that above the window, in the corner in the middle of the picture, a man is leaning and is on a cellphone.”   “I don’t know what to say, I don’t think h

Has Sperm Count Dropped that much in the last 50 years?

According to an updated study of medical literature, human sperm counts appear to have decreased globally over the past 50 years by more than 50%. The discoveries could have significant consequences for human reproduction if the reduction persists and the findings are validated. Since semen quality can be a significant indicator of general health, researchers think it would also be a sign of men's overall health declining. The review and its findings have sparked discussion among male fertility specialists. Some claim the findings are accurate and urgent, but others claim the data does not convince them because it is impossible to compare historical and contemporary counts because sperm counting techniques have changed so much over time. Nearly all experts agree that the issue needs more study. “I think one of the fundamental functions of any species is reproduction. So I think if there is a signal that reproduction is in decline, I think that’s a very important finding, ” said Dr


Police had to control angry Boda Boda riders this morning after they attacked a team from a microfinance institution in Kitale town while they were eagerly awaiting the elusive passenger who would occasionally hail a bike to perform their errands. But as soon as Simiyu and his squad struck and tried to take the bike's ignition keys from the defaulting rider, they encountered resistance that kept them at a standstill for a while.  When a Mogo Microfinance team lead by Barasa Simiyu approached Lesos Stage and tried to forcibly reclaim one motorbike with the registration number KMFX 046E from its rider, trouble began. The defaulter was one of a bunch of boda bodas out to reclaim their motorcycle. The boda boda drivers eventually dispersed while protecting their partner, accusing the microfinance management of being haughty and out of touch with current business realities. policemen stationed at the Veterinary patrol base responded very away and made an effort to diffuse the tension.